Will he or won’t he?

The season is over, the Phillies have won it all, and now every free agent in the league is free to field offers from every interested team.  That means Manny Ramirez will be doing some visiting in the next few weeks.  I don’t think anybody should be surprised that Manny is fielding offers from other teams, there’s no way the Dodgers were going to put down an initial offer and Manny was going to immediately accept and decline listening to anybody else.  Who is really interested in Manny’s services is the other question.  One of the factors that should help Manny in returning to L.A. is the fact that only a handful of teams can afford him.  Manny’s not about to go to the Kansas City Royals or Minnesota Twins.  Who can afford him other than the Dodgers.  Boston can, he’s not going back there.  The Yankees are an interesting choice, but they need pitching desperately and even the Yankees can’t afford A-Rod, Manny, and CC or other high-priced starter of their liking.  The Mets could also potentially go after him, but the direction that team is heading, Manny doesn’t really seem to fit what they’re doing.  Would the World Champion Phillies go after Manny, from what I’ve heard, they’re not really interested, same goes for San Francisco (and AT&T is a left-handed hitters park anyway).  The Cubs, too many big long-term deals already in place.  The White Sox, kind of like the Mets I think, I just don’t see Manny really fitting their scheme there.  And what about the Angels, they could pony up the money, but I don’t see Manny staying in Southern California all to move down the road and play for a team that didn’t do as well as the Dodgers in the playoffs.  That seems to make the most logical choice for Manny, the Dodgers.
manny hands up.jpg I’m not trying to sound like a homer here, but the entire country saw the difference Manny made for the Dodgers.  With him in the lineup, they’re pretty much the best team in the National League, without him, they’re just kind of average.  This is going to be a huge off-season for talent moving across the league, not only through signings, but via trades, as well.  Colorado has already shipped Matt Holliday off to Oakland.  I’ll certainly miss seeing a player of Holliday’s caliber in the division, but it’ll definitely make it easier to beat the Rockies too.  Who lands where remains to be seen, but I’ll be keeping an eye on some key moves over the off season.  And, of course, we’ll all be waiting to see what Manny does.



  1. ddeblasio329@hawks.rwu.edu

    you insisting that the dodgers are the best team in the National League is not very smart or accurate for that matter.

    As soon as Manny gets his contract he will begin playing like the Boston Manny we all know and love.

  2. lilmurr13@yahoo.com

    Dodgers best team in the National League…… Did you forget the WORLD CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES….Manny is a discrase of a humanbeing……..

  3. lilmurr13@yahoo.com

    exactlly Manny couldn’t get it done when he was trying…. how will he when he is not trying nwxt year….. go phillies 2008 world champions of baseball……….

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